The Competitors

Learn about the VSO world-class athletes; their strengths, weaknesses and form.


The Locations

Find out where the VSO takes place, from the tranquility of the east river, to the carnage of the West Village.


The Schedule

See the days schedule and times to make sure you're on time


Welcome to the VSO

The Very Special Olyplics (VSO) is an annual event held in NYC. The world's elite are carefully selected by a committee and invited to compete at what is now being hailed as 'the toughest event on the planet'.

The VSO Games has been designed to test an athlete's all round strength, stamina, mental grit, drinking ability and banter. Now celebrating its 5th year, the VSO Games look forward to welcoming the world's strongest athletes to the Olympic village of NYC once more.

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Competitors rrready, in...

Straight from the horses mouth

We've had some fit young rookies be strong in the morning before and fail to win (Ed). It's a long day.. Mental strength wins in the end.Luke Smith, VSO 2014

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